Part Torontonians, part Texas transplant, Ostrich Tuning are dedicated to the exploration of the vitalistic and animistic properties of the key of D.

With a crystal clear vision of sound and tone as well as an arsenal of unique hand-made instruments and pedals, they continue to stamp Toronto in a way no one will ever forget…if they could only remember.

In her highest Moon is the band’s debut with Optical Sounds.

In her highest Moon


In her highest Moon is Ostrich Tuning’s debut on this label and can be had by cassette and/or digital download. The cassettes are limited to a run of 100 and can be purchased here or at their live shows until they run out. Your digital needs can be met through their bandcamp page:

The six songs further the band’s mission to “fight the real enemy”, an attempt to right two key wrongs: 1) The continued misappropriation of the term “elitism” by everyone (smug readers of VICE, “left-leaning” academics, Ford Nation supporters et al.), and 2) The continued (and horrific) forced suppression of feelings through “decent” (i.e. bourgeois/puritanical) living.

NOTE -cassette will be $6 with same shipping and handling rates as the Planet Creature cassette ($Can, $4 US, $6 intl)



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